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"...a creative and intelligent action-puzzle game dressed in sharp neon graphics." - "Must Have" 4/4 -

"...a brilliant mix of real time strategy, and tower defense with a classic chess theme... It gets an Editor's Choice award, and my warm recommendation." -

editor's choice

"...he has twisted it successfully into something catchy, unique and enjoyable, a sort of Chess: Championship Edition." -

"A neon-hued board game beatdown that might make you forget all about Angry Birds" -

"It's got an extremely unique, refreshing and fun feel to the gameplay mechanics... I can recommend Knight Defense HD very highly indeed!" - hatenintendo blog

"...a thoroughly engaging and challenging strategy game that requires fast thinking and even faster reflexes - original, compelling and downright addictive." -

"Knight Defense is a surprisingly deep tower defense game that's well worth a play" -

"Knight Defense HD is a wonderland for graphic lovers." -


Knight Defense HD offers you gaming like you've never seen before. You get action, strategy, glow graphics and lots of explosions altogether in one game. This is a bold, dynamic, addictive app and it is going to challenge your skills to the max. You've never seen the kind of action and game control that Knight Defense offers.

You just got Knight Defense and you can't wait to play. Your friends told you it was great but you want to see for yourself.

The first thing you notice when opening the app is the graphics. Amazing. Those glow graphics take full advantage of your iPad's screen, very cool but how's the gameplay?

Starting out on the easy level, you dive in to give Knight Defense a try. You find that your forces can move and fire in strategic ways, and you use their powerful special abilities to really crush the enemy. Stay sharp! You've got to fight off waves of enemies and protect your king at all costs.

Before long, you're moving your forces to best exploit the enemy's weaknesses, and you watch as wave after wave explodes, destroyed by your concentrated firepower. They aren't going to get your king without a fight!

Knight Defense really is a game like you've never seen before. It's a happy hybrid of a traditional defense game, chess, explosions and glow graphics that's going to get you hooked from your very first game.

This is an intelligent app and it's going to throw a lot of challenge your way. You need to keep your wits about you and develop some good strategies to fend off enemies who attack in waves in an attempt to capture your king. Don't let them succeed!

Your pieces can be upgraded, up to seven times. Give them some more life if you need to, double tap to start special abilities, but keep your eye on what's coming at you from the other end of the board.

Firing is done in patterns. When your shots hit an enemy, you'll see and hear a satisfying explosion. Unfortunately, the same is true for your enemies, so gather up your courage, form a terrific strategy and let them know who rules the game.

Check out the great features you get with Knight Defense:
★ Intelligent interface
★ Awesome, glow graphics support iPhone 4 HD retina display
★ Engaging gameplay
★ Lots of exciting explosions
★ Moveable towers
★ Powerful special abilities
★ Ability to control where your enemies go by moving the king
★ Game Center, OpenFeint leaderboards & achievements
★ Move and upgrade your forces in real-time
★ Each level is a hand-crafted scenario with many different ways to win
★ Select from 25 various easy, medium and hard difficulty levels
★ Resume exactly where you left off when you restart the app
★ Game tutorial included

You really have to try this game before you can fully understand why it is so dynamically addictive. Keep practicing and perhaps you'll even make it to the top of the global leaderboards, unlock achievements and receive worldwide acclaim.

Download Knight Defense HD now to get started. Good luck!